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Which Jenner Sister Is YOUR Fave, Kendall Or Kylie?? Let The World Know With Their Selfie Tees!



Just when you thought Kendall and Kylie Jenner were done gifting the world with fun back to school garb and shoes, THIS happens!

The dynamic duo certainly knows how to dish out delightful surprises!!

As a part of their PacSun collaboration, the two half-Dash sisters have decided to ambush fans with some last minute back to school apparel.

They’ve created limited edition “Selfie Tees”, with a Kendall selfie on one shirt and a Kylie selfie on the other. And they’re encouraging fans to pick one based on which Jenner sister is their favorite, but we’re sure they wouldn’t mind if you bought both as well!

Because SRSLY, each lady is equally awesome!!

The shirts are available online at TODAY, and you can find then in stores starting next week.

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  1. Man. Another person ginivg very good reasons why it should be Kylie and Derek.Courtney, Dana, Taryn and shweta rajwaar all y’all are right. Definitely Derek. No Lucas. I think with Kylie and Derek it’s real love and with Kylie and Lucas it’s just lust. Maybe not? I don’t know. But I have been stood corrected. I see the gray now. I have been converted to the light, ladies and gentlemen. I would be brokenhearted if the series ended wth Kylie and Lucas, not Kylie and Derek. Or if Kylie ended up with some other hot supernatural. I totally want it to be Der.*bangs head on the table* Frustration is a pain.

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