Bruce Jenner is Getting Ready to be a Woman


Our reality TV dad, Bruce Jenner is all set to become a complete woman and both his daughters, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner are by his side and are supporting him in any manner they can. But surprising, Bruce Jenner is not only getting transformed into a woman on physical ground, but he is all set to study about it, so that he is able to feel like a woman from inside too.

Bruce Jenner is religiously going through all the studies and research related to women psychology so that it will help him to become a complete woman from inside and out. At the age of 65, he has decided to become a woman and to do it in perfection, he is even ready to be an obedient student, who is all set to learn about how to her transform to a woman mentally also. He his digging up deep into the research and studies related to women things, so that he is able to understand how he should be living perfectly with the change of life, that he is soon going to feel it.

Bruce Jenner is attempting to accept all the phases of womanhood and he is really very excited about it also. He all set to find inspiration from all the powerful female, whom he really admires. Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are also set to help him out, to understand what is to be like a woman and making every possible effort to calm him down and make him understand the world of women very easily and make him bring it to practical level as well. An insider has revealed that Bruce Jenner is learning about the right of the women and for that he is reading some of the most influential and powerful books of women like Gloria Steinem.

Even Bruce Jenner with the help of his daughters, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner is applying the studies to his personal life. All this hard work is helping him to get ready for a new journey of his life and as well as build confidence to open up to get his family and as well as the whole world about the real women inside her and he is trying to overcome the inner struggle of all the transformation issue, that is going on with him right now at the moment.

Bruce Jenner is set to Become a Woman, but Daughters are Worried


Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, the daughters of Bruce Jenner are not ready to deal with his gender transition. They are really worried about how everything going to be taking place and the media and the public is going to react to it. They both are really worried about the bold step that their dad, Bruce Jenner is going to take and this will definitely going to change the life of them forever and maybe that is what making them freak out. There is a mixed emotion from both the daughter right now; but no doubt that they are happy for their father, but anxious about the reality of the future as well.

Kylie Jenner, 17 and Kendall Jenner, 19, both have mentally got prepared for such a drastic change in his father’s life and as well as they are preparing themselves to even protect him from all the problems that are going to take place, once Bruce Jenner has undergone with the transition and is getting to live a brand new life. The daughters are worried, that his father may have to go through a lot of mocking from people, which they really don’t want to happen to him.

Kendall and Kylie are not worried about what people are going to react in front of them, once their dad’s become a complete woman. But they are only worried about the fact that people will be making fun about this transition in front of him. This is the reason, that they are getting prepared to protect his father, Bruce Jenner from any kind of an embarrassing moment. Their true and immense love for the father is what making them anxious about the whole thing and making them wonder, how they are going to handle everything and balance it out.

Even though Bruce Jenner daughters, Kendall and Kylie are getting anxious about the whole future scenario, that is definitely going to come. But no matter what, they have his back and are all set to protect him from any situation, no matter what. Even Bruce Jenner is quite confident about his bold step to become a complete woman and having both of his daughters to his side, is doesn’t give a damn to what people are going to react to the whole thing and what will happen when is totally transformed himself into a beautiful woman.