Did Kim Kardashian fake the Paris robbery?

One week after the robbery in Paris, there are allegations that Kim faked it for higher ratings of her show. A report published by Huffington Post, claims that Kim told the KUWTK production crew that she faked the robbery. She wanted to get higher ratings for the show, even though the ratings are very high and it averages approximately two million viewers per week. As the result of the Kim confession, E! stopped the production of the show and cancelled it. The official page of the show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ still remains active.

Mrs Kardashian West was staying at a luxury hotel at Paris’ cosseted 8th arrondissement. She was resting her room when burst in. They were dressed like police man. She jumped from the bad and reached her phone, but they took it from her. Than they bound her legs with duct tape and they dragged her to the bath. She begged for her life and told them to take whatever they want. They took 10 million euros worth of jewelry. The robbers took ring worth around 4 million euro, which was a gift from her husband.

Since the robbery Kim draw a lot of attention from the media and the interest for her show grew higher. Is it fair to say that Kim faked the robbery? Is it possible that she did it just for the attention? The questions remain open until the investigation ends.

Kim’s cross found right outside of the Paris apartment!

Seems like the robbers didn’t make a clean getaway. Few days after the attack on Kim Kardashian, a pedestrian found the platinum mounted diamond cross from the famous jeweler Jacob & Co. The item is worth $33,180.

Kim was attacked by two man dressed in a police uniform in her hotel room in Paris. They took $10 million worth jewelry from her belongings. Her 20-caret engagement ring, which draw a lot of attention through the media was also stolen. The ring itself is worth $4 million.

The cross which was found, may be a breakthrough in this case. There may be traces from the robber’s DNA, which will lead the police in the right direction. The police believe that the robbers weren’t amateurs. They were well trained and sophisticated and planned this robbery a long time.