Kanye West, Kim kardashian

Kim’s cross found right outside of the Paris apartment!

Seems like the robbers didn’t make a clean getaway. Few days after the attack on Kim Kardashian, a pedestrian found the platinum mounted diamond cross from the famous jeweler Jacob & Co. The item is worth $33,180.

Kim was attacked by two man dressed in a police uniform in her hotel room in Paris. They took $10 million worth jewelry from her belongings. Her 20-caret engagement ring, which draw a lot of attention through the media was also stolen. The ring itself is worth $4 million.

The cross which was found, may be a breakthrough in this case. There may be traces from the robber’s DNA, which will lead the police in the right direction. The police believe that the robbers weren’t amateurs. They were well trained and sophisticated and planned this robbery a long time.


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