Jenner Sisters

Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Beach Day!


Summer’s here! Nothing says summer like a day at the beach so it only makes sense Kylie Jenner, along with pals and older sister Kendall, was spotted in Malibu, Calif. getting some sun.

The girls enjoyed some fun in the sun then cooled off in the water before grabbing lunch and a little dessert.

Later, Kendall tweeted about her latest gig on Friday afternoon exclaiming, “OMG!! Off to do a photo shoot with ELLE magazine!!!! I’m so so so sooooo excited!!!!!!!!! :D”

The Jenner sisters are just doing what they do best, being teenagers!

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Kendall Jenner is probably NOT having sex


Speculation is buzzing that fifteen year old Kendall Jenner might be having sex. It is confirmed she is on birth control and she may even have a boyfriend. However, the brith control is most likely for other reasons, Khloe tried to hint at. However, the ever dramatic mother of Kendall, Kris, wants people ot speculate about it until the next season. Everyone is talking about whether or not she is having sex or is it for health reasons. What do you think?

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